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Discover the Organdi building in a unique way. Let yourself be guided, follow the path
of the dancer through the spaces of the office building, from one building to another. Admire the catwalks which are suspended and luminous workspaces, a feeling
of freedom!Seeing it wandering around will make you want to sit there.
A multidisciplinary production

Organdi is a long term project for Saentys. We worked at the beginning on the branding and marketing materials for a big leasing campaign. But when our client, CAVP, asked us in 2020 to help them bring some ideas to help the brokers effort we thought it could be nice to create something new. The main concept was to put art inside the building and make its spaces much more legible. We built up a team with De Facto Company for providing the dancer and create the choreography, Cheese Naan for the video production and us, Saentys focused on the global strategy and art direction.

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