Michel Butor, creator of the book-object 

Michel Butor is a French poet, novelist, teacher, essayist, art critic and translator born September 14, 1926 in Mons-en-Barœul (Nord) and died August 24, 2016 in Contamine-sur-Arve (Haute-Savoie) 1. He is famous for his novel La Modification (1957), a major work of the Nouveau Roman, for the part of his work devoted to art books, and for his academic work on French literature.

Archipel Butor, places dedicated to dialogue between
art and literature​​​​​​​

The Butor Archipelago, Patrimonial Library, managed by Annemasse Agglo is made up of three distinct places, all located in the town of Lucinges in Haute Savoie, in Greater Geneva. They are dedicated to the discovery of the artist's book. In 2019, at Saentys, we participated in the call for tenders for the overhaul of the visual identity of the place. 
We were not selected but I found it interesting to present this graphic proposal which explores the meeting between the book, the site and its geographical environment.

A visual universe at the junction between artistic expression and Swiss tradition

The graphic system is built around a strong monogram which sets a geometric framework. Around this frame, the pictorial elements and colours combine in a playful and unstructured dynamic. The combination of all these elements aims to establish a coherent and versatile visual universe.

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