La Cité Numérique, totem of the digital economy
in New Aquitaine

Supported by the EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique and imagined by Bordeaux Métropole in close collaboration with the City of Bègles and the New Aquitaine region, the Digital City is a story of transformation!The Cité Numérique now stands on the site of the former Bègles postal sorting system. Anxious to preserve the soul and the history of the place, the architect, Alexandre Chemetoff, made a strength of the existing, while reinterpreting the whole. Today, the site offers its occupants and visitors light, large volumes, connectivity, flexibility, comfort, services, large landscaped spaces, etc. Everything that characterizes a fulfilling and efficient working environment.
Covivo, the big European real estate company, asked us at Saentys to help them rebrand the new iconic place for the digital industry in Bordeaux, la Cité Numérique.
The brief was to keep some elements already existing within the original visual identity : the bamboos (the site is literally a bamboo forest) and the yellow colour (the building is the former Bègles postal sorting system). In addition we developed a strong brand territory around the blend and connect concept.
The visual idea was to transform the bamboo forest in a kind of digital forest and also to bring modernity with a new geometric visual system, in addition to a more upscale typographic work

We developed a very versatile visual system able to adapt itself to multiple types of applications. From on site signage to web app the content and messages are still clear and the site is easy to understand.

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