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Born in Paris, Mikaël Theimer moves to Montreal in 2008 (it's where we met back
in 2013). In 2014, after working for the advertising industry, he reinvents himself
as a photographer in a quest for purpose, humanity and freedom.


Humanist photographer 

When Mikaël asked me to help him creating his own photography brand we decided really quick that the two main aspects of the visual identity would be a really "humanist" aspect with a hand-lettered logo inspired by his signature and a strong and sober black and white universe to showcase his specific photographic style.


Dans sa bulle

I also made some research about Mikaël's portfolio named "Dans ma bulle".
I kept all the brand specifications to showcase his work.
At the end he decided to change his mind about that book, that's why he was never published like this.

Mikaël is a special person and a really talented photographer. His series "Portraits of Montreal" is a masterpiece. He has that special vision of life and society, a really benevolent, aesthetic and kind way to document our everyday life.
I really encourage you guys to take a deeper look at Mikaël's work: 

And don't miss his Tedx talk :


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