XF Coaching & Athletic Training, 

When my old  friend Xavier Frezza asked me to help him create his own brand i was really excited and honoured. We've known each other for more than 20 years and it's always special to work for someone that close!
The main aspect of the brief was to underline the fact that the service was developed by Xavier himself, like a tailor made program, dedicated to his clients, sport professionals or not. Naturally i came up with hand lettered logos to stick to the initial concept. We created a monogram inspired by US university campus sports teams' identities to focus on a performance aspect and also a hand lettered signature logo working as a trademark.

We developed some print materials to promote the service itself and also bring customers to the gym, located in the 7th district of Lyon.
Professionals football players - Footage © @rorodezign / @digicover_
One of the main part of the project was to create a dedicated website to support Xavier's business growth. That's why we built up a multi-disciplinary team to make it happen. I focused on the global project management, art direction and web design, Julien Fahy (veesibility.com) was in a charge of the web development and technical aspects, Oceane (oceanephotographe.wixsite.com) brought us some nice photos of the gym during coaching sessions and at last Marlène Piriou worked on the editorial side of the project.

The main concept, to make Xavier's offer clear as possible was to divide the website in two parts, one about the professional training and the other one related to the personal coaching at the gym.

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